About Taxistop

Since its conception in 1975, Taxistop keeps developing new services which allow for the optimalization of use of personal goods. Both with regard to mobility and home ownership, Taxistops motto “doing more with less” is reflected in all proposed projects.

For 40 years, Taxistop has been looking for ways to innovate in order to respond to peoples needs and offer them alternative solutions to save time and money. All our services are available throughout Belgium.

Additionaly this also benefits the environment (less CO2 emissions, more available space, etc.) and society (strengthening social bonds, encounters, opportunities for the disabled to be mobile again, etc.).

Currently Taxistop is still developing new projects and expanding its network by being part of the movement of the sharing economy. This allows us to develop services, projects or events through which various players in the field can complement each other and offer services with increasing relevance and cohesion.

So Taxistop is really 40 years of expertise on shared mobility, social and adventurous. Solo car drivers, people of older age, or demanding backpacker; our diverse audience has found what it was looking for through Taxistop. Now it is your turn!