Share to impact

“Share to impact”, that’s what drives Taxistop. Indeed, Taxistop loves to share its knowledge and experience with you.

Expertise and vision

Taxistop has developed a great amount of expertise in the organisation and sensibilisation of carpooling and carsharing. In addition, Taxistop collaborates with partners in Belgium and abroad. That is why Taxistop’s knowledge reaches further then its own experiences.

Taxistop has a vision on current developments as well. What to do with the company car? How does the government need to handle those new taxi services? Taxistop writes a memorandum on this before every election. Taxistop also participates in the commission private transport of the Flemish Council for Mobility.

You can contact Taxistop for:

  • Presentations, participations in panel discussions, …
  • Interviews and coverage
  • Customized advice

Get in touch with Taxistop:

Information and education

Taxistop has developed an educational package to raise awareness on the sharing economy and sustainable mobility. Taxistop offers:

  • Support for students on their dissertations/doctoral studies
  • Guest lectures and customized training
  • Internships

If you want to know more, get in touch with Taxistop:


Taxistop breaths innovation. Taxistop is a pioneer in different sharing initiatives and, therefore, always uses te newest technologies. The creation of Apps, API’s, open data, … are logical developments for Taxistop.

Tailored Software

To make sharing possible in your surroundings, Taxistop can develop specific software for you. In the past, organisations in Germany, France and the Netherlands made use of Taxistop-software for their own customers.

Social innovation

Innovation in itself is not a goal. Taxistop wants to innovate to reach certain goals. Besides mobility, social inclusion is also an important objective. The support of less mobile services is an example of social mobility.