Why participate? Experience the action!

The project starts with a roll-out of a series of entertaining promotional actions during the carpool week. Some companies focus primarily on communication and provide an info booth. Other companies think bigger and treat their carpooling employees to a breakfast or a carpool carwash. All measurements help to get the employees carpooling.

At the end of the carpool week, a reward is alloted amongst all participating, thus carpooling employees. Fortunately, your jealous carpool colleagues get a rematch within the following weeks to win some rewards as well. Discover our prizes here.

Anyone who wants to adapt his mobility behaviour, but still has doubts about his best travel options, can contact the Taxistop-experts for customized travel advice. Make an appointment with us, and we will visit your company and give as many employees as possible customized travel advice. Late decision makers and new employees will also receive customized advice, because our helpdesk is permanently available during the CHUMS-project.

Do you want to participate in CHUMS just like imecUCLL and KBC? Contact evb@taxistop.be.