Upscaling Colruyt Group

The carpool-promotion-story continues on the Colruyt Group work floors.

We’re landing the campaign here in April as one of our first CHUMS-upscaling acts.

And of course, because Colruyt Group is one of our much beloved and super enthusiastic, that wants to boost the fiscal advantage linked to carpool at their sites, we’re much willing to assist in getting things relaunched.

With 25.000 employees working for  Colruyt Group, Taxistop has just snared one of thé biggest employers of Belgium for the CHUMS campaign.


Agenda Colruyt Group


On the following days and locations  you can find the carpool experts in a central area (cafetaria or passageway) with a carpool information booth. Why drop by, we hear you say?  We offer sweet goodies, free personalized travel advice and we draw a carpool winner for our beautiful “price of the day”.


Monday 18/4 – Dassenveld Fase 1

Tuesday 19/4 – Dassenveld Fase 2

Wednesday 20/4 – Stroppen

Thursday 21/4 – Laekebeek

Friday 22/4 – Ollignies

Monday 25/4 – Ghislenghien


Personalized Travel Plan

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