The jackpot

Thanks to our sponsors we proudly present our magnificent prices jackpot…

VAB – Road assistance package & Breakdown assistance

With VAB you are covered for all kinds of car- or holiday problems, always and everywhere, even if you’re not able to leave. For a smooth progress of the carpool rides we offer…

  • Day and night assistance for your vehicle in the Benelux (road assistance full package), thanks to Breakdown assistance. Carpool with a colleague and get a triple chance to win this!
  • The magnificent first price: worldwide personal assistance, and breakdown assistance for your car within Europe, thanks to the road assistance package.

Blue-bike – Subscription*

After the train, a quick ride by bike or mobile through the city? Give it a try with the 5 trips on your free subscription! 15 Blue-Bike subscriptions will be waiting for a winner in our jackpot. The comfortable city bike, the national spread and the simple system will charm you! Read everything about it on

De Lijn – Bus passes*

Don’t feel like carpooling today? Choose a sustainable alternative and jump on a bus or tram from time to time. A bus pass with €14 of free travel time (= 10 free trips) will help you get to know the possibilities. Jump on the bus, devaluate your card, and discover the city in a different way. Plan your route on

STUK Kunstencentrum vzw – culture cheques

With 6 culture cheques from STUK Kunstencentrum vzw we offer the carpool teams a pleasant day off in the city of Leuven. Grab a movie or get inspired by one of the many expositions. Discover the wide range of possibilities on Interested? Carpool together with your colleagues, get a chance to win 1 of the STUK-culture cheques and treat your carpool team members on an unforgettable experience..

Province of Flemish Brabant – Gift basket*

Do you want to spoil your carpool buddy with an extra in 2015? You can also choose one of the 10 gift baskets of the province of Flemish Brabant. With superb regional products you can certainly do your colleagues a favor, and it will only make the carpool car more homy!

City of Leuven – bicycle baskets*

For those who like some fresh air, we also have 20 pretty bicycle baskets from the city of Leuven in the jackpot. Moreover, these baskets are filled with lots of sweets! Who does not fancy a summer picnic in the parc? Maybe you can consider to combine this with a Blue-Bike subscription?

*** Prizes with a * are offered as a combination, with a possibilities…

Option A1 Bicycle basket+ 1 Blue-bike subscription
Option B1 Gift basket+ 1 Blue-bike subscription
Option C1 Gift basket+ 2 bus passes
Option D1 Bicycle basket+ 2 bus passes
Option E1 Blue-bike subscription+ 2 bus passesn