inception meeting - G-PaTRA partners


In 2018, Taxistop is focusing on 2 concepts for its Belgian lighthouse  within the G-PaTRA project:

  • Mobipunten: the concept of mobipunten is currently being rolled out throughout the entire Flemish region. Within the work process of G-PaTRA, Taxistop wishes to research whether and how this concept could work in more rural areas. Follow our progress on the official mobipunten website:

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  • Quality neighbourhoods: with the experience from 2017 in the urban (Sint-Amandsberg) and semi-urban (Molenbergwijk Beveren-Waas) neighourhoods, Taxistop will look into the possibility of extending the concept into a more rural setting (Beveren-Aan-De-Ijzer).

Since this is a learning process, the concept will also be further tested out in more urban areas (e.g. city of Aalst). Afterwards, in collaboration with the municipality of Aalst, the possibility to scale up the process to the more rural areas is being looked at.

Cocreatiesessies Molenbergwijk

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