Arsenaalwijk Mechelen – Another quality neighbourhood

Welcome to the Arsenal district in the city of Mechelen –  a place for sharing

“Would you like to find out whether you’re faster by train to get to work? Or how cosy it might get in a car by carpooling? Discover how you always have a parking spot by car sharing. Or fly more smoothly through the city on an electrical autoped? You too could discover your possibilities thanks to this project.” – This is how Taxistop and have been motivating the residents of the Arsenaal district in the city of Mechelen.  

Some more “fun” facts…

  • 1 family car is €5.000 / year.
  • You look for a parking spot 6 hours/ month.
  • By moving 150 min./ week, you stay fit.

Thanks to this project, we’ve been taking action.

Together with the district – resident, employee, local stakeholder or customer – we”ll be looking into the transport issues and necessities: everyone should be able to explore how they easily could approach their daily trips in another way. And it could only be successful by letting the residents test out the sustainable alternatives by themselves.