Beveren-Aan-De-Ijzer – A Quality Neighbourhood

In collaboration with the Transmobil project and the unstoppable enthusiasm of the local village point rose the question to start up a quality neighbourhood in Beveren-Aan-De-Ijzer. The Village point in Beveren-Aan-De-Ijzer already presents an elaborate offer for its clients: from tasty local products, to bike repairs and surfing the net… Now, the village point also wished to reinforce their mobility offer.

During the month June this was made possible for 15 to 20 citizens who took up the challenge to live 30 days without a car and test out sustainable alternatives in exchange.

Roll out process

  • 13th of March 2018: first get-together with a group of citizens to discuss their wishes and needs in the village of Beveren.

Read our reporting here (only available in Dutch).

  • 17th of May 2018: second get-together with the group of citizens to present them a possible offer and make good agreements between all involved partners. Johannes Rodenbach from netexplained the concept of carsharing and how this works  in practice. Though citizens around the table were quite keen to test this out as well, the timing was too tight to fit this into the project as well. It might be possible to launch this proposal for carsharing during the Week of Mobility.

Read our reporting here (only available in Dutch).

  • 1st of June 2018: Start of the test month.All sustainable alternatives for a better mobility were delivered to the citizens. These enthusiasts shared their most wonderful pictures and gave it their all to use the alternatives to the utmost maximum of their capacity. A big shout-out to the participants from the Taxistop- Village point- supporting team: CHEEEERS!!

The Village point has also actively promoted the alternative mobility offer, which made other – not participating – citizens gain interest in the project and its alternatives as well. The project has made some commotion on the social media and this seems only the beginning of a new mobility age in the quiet village of  Beveren-Aan-De-Ijzer.

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In collaboration the with the local village hub, Taxistop is exploring further opportunities to reinforce an offer of shared mobility in this  rural area.

  • 29th of June 2018: Wrap up and BBQ with the participants.Further updates of the project are to be expected in July/ August.