Sint-Anna Aalst – A Quality Neighbourhood

(c) Taxistop vvzw

At the beginning of 2018 we kicked off the quality neighbourhood in the city Aalst. Though this is an urban area, we believe there is much to learn from this district as well: lots of street parking, multicultural neighbourhood, and lots of children running off to the schools located in the district.

Actions we took to shake up the neighbourhood:

  • The brochure under the doormat approach: Each household in the district got a postcard in the mailbox inviting them to participate in the project.
  • Elke hosted an information booth at the end-of-the-schoolyear carnival: with a racing game and candy for the kids, and subscription forms with useful information for the parents. Yet many more people needed to be reached.
  • 6th of June announced the official kick-off of the campaign. We faced a broad range of visions, wishes and needs from the neighbourhood, but most striking was the enthusiasm to make a change in the mobility needs.
  • To deliver everyone a suitable alternative Sarah hosted one-on-one interviews, which led to the delivery of a Personalised Travel Plan for each participant.
  • On the 27th of June we once more got together and did a final check-up on the plan of action with the residents of the quality neighbourhood.
  • 13th of September: start of the testing period. How our participants experienced this, is showcased in this aftermovie:

With very special thanks to… De Fietserij

The citizens of the Sint-Anna district will get to test out the superb bikes from the Fietserij. It’s the place to be in Aalst for renting quality bikes. For personal use, for companies or even schools, from renting one day to a yearly basis maintenance contract: everyone is welcome! Moreover, you get to choose between a regular city bike, an electrical bike, or even a BMX. For the Sint-Anna citizens we picked out a set of electrical bikes, speed pedelec and (electrical) cargobikes. Can’t wait to seem them tested out.

De fietserij repairs technical defects, delivers a quick and correct service for little repairs and foresees in thorough maintenance with an eye for reusing materials. Visit their Dutch webpage to find out more.