Mobipunt – your hub to mobility

What’s a “mobipunt”?

A mobipunt is a physical place that brings a variety of mobility and other functions together to promote a multi modality on a small scale.

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Each mobipunt contains a diverse mobility offer, with 5 essential basic criteria:

  1. parking space for car sharing
  2. quality bike parking
  3. proximity to a public transport stop or collective transport.
  4. safety (e.g. good lighting)
  5. Easily accessible for everyone.

Read here how you start off with a mobipunt in your municipality.

Interested in a mobipunt in your municipality?

Read more on our website, download Start-to-mobipunt-handleiding (only available in Dutch) or get in touch with one of the initiators* via

*Taxistop vzw, and Infopunt Publieke Ruimte