NweRIDE - We share

NweRIDE is a European INTERREG IVB NWE-project that wants to increase the amount of passengers per car by combining different dynamic ridesharing systems within North-West Europe.

Within the NweRIDE project, a platform is built to be able to exchange the supply on different ridesharing systems in real-time. Rides from public transporation will also be offered to carpoolers through this platform.

With the NweRiDE platform supply and demand will also be exchanged across borders. This comprises not only the development of an integrated platform. The unification of different providers in an international association is also part of the project.

Role of Taxistop

Taxistop has developed an API, an access to the rides database to make it available for other bidders.

Taxistop also permits that users of www.carpool.be can consult rides from other operators and public transport.

Taxistop also established an international collaboration between carpool providers. To do this, Taxistop searched for a structural solution. The new network will be part of the Combined Mobility Platform from UITP, the international cupola of (public transport) providers.

Regarding the project:

NweRIDE was approved and started in June 2013. The project runs until September 2015.

Project partners: Cetic (Charleroi), Sellmark Electronic & Consumer Services BV (Maastricht), Sestran (Edinburg), Staffordshire County Council and Flemish Institute for Mobility as project coordinator.

Project website: www.nweride.eu