Sharing goods and services in your neighbourhood! Did you already discover our festivals where different local (and even international) share economy initiatives are presented? Through many interactive stands you can also join actively.

The context?

Someday, everyone asks himself the question: “What alternatives do I have to consume less or differently?”.

One of the possibilities is making the change from possessing goods to using goods. This is the principle of the sharing economy which makes better use of underutilized resources and has an influence on all aspects of your daily life.

Taxistop is already known for its exchange systems that put one invidual in touch with another. In addition, we collaborate with a lot of partners on different projects. We would love to introduce you to the great range of initiatives that exist in your neighbourhood.

The goal?

You do not always know where you can find those sharing alternatives?

We’d like to bring a large amount of those sharing alternatives together at ShareFest to inform and inspire you about your existing possibilities. And not just that … we hope you will discover that sharing contributes to your daily life.

Our experience?

We have already organised this kind of events several times in the 3 regions of the country, with success:

Relive the best moments of Sharefest in Luik (in collaboration with the network Liège en Transition) and in Brussels (with the support of CESE). Watch the video of the edition in Ghent (in cooperation with Autopia and Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken) as well.

Take the opportunity to discover the success stories of sharing by visiting our ShareFest: cambio, Repair Together, Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken, le réseau des Consommateurs Responsables, the SELS and LETS, the GASAP, Villo, Betacowork, Wijdelen, La Foire aux Savoir-Faire, … and many more!