SocialCar - Carpooling in urban areas

SocialCar is a Horizon2020 project of the European Union to stimulate carpooling in urban areas.

The objectives:

  • To develop a new carpool model with emphasis on transfer possibilities (f.e. P&R, bike sharing, taxi, …)
  • Integration of social media
  • Production and use of open data: public transport and real-time travel information
  • To strive for more open data, regimentation
  • Integration of GNSS technology – Galileo (European satellite)
  • Research real economical and ecological impact

Role of Taxistop

Taxistop will adjust her carpoolapp’s to the context in Brussels. In addition, Taxistop will investigate which range of public transport and traffic information can be integrated.

To decide which developments Taxistop will implement, there will be a collaboration with a user group to make the right choice, and to reach the correct user interface.

Regarding the project

SocialCar runs from June 2015 to June 2018. SocialCar is coordinated by FIT-consulting from Rome.

More info: http://socialcar-project.eu/

Project consortium:
Fit Consulting (IT), Certh (GR), The University Court of the University of Aberdeen (UK), Ab.Acus srl (IT), Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (CH), Vectos (UK), luxMobility (LU), Bermag Sp.j. (PL), Movenda (IT), Fondazione VEL (CH), City of Skopje (MK), Sestran (UK), Region Lazio (IT), City of Zagreb (HR), Prometni institut Ljubljana d.o.o. (SLV), TTS (IT), IBI Group Scotland (UK), Concept Factory (LU), Strategic Stuff (NL), University of West Hungary (HO), Zight (NL), Cetemmsa (ES), Brescia Mobilità (IT), Taxistop (BE), City of Turijn (IT), Liftshare (UK)