Your 12 ways of sharing

Taxistop, a non-profit organization, covers 12 services that are embedded in the sharing economy. Discover them all!

Thanks to, you can easily find carpool partners for regular or occasional trips.


For those who intent to place a car in common use with neighbors or friends.

The Less Mobile Services

A Less Mobile Service connects people with a mobility need to voluntary drivers in order to meet their needs. Taxistop offers assistance to municipalities and PSAC’s to establish these Services.


A car where and when you need it!


You take your children to school and you are absolutely not the only one? Get in touch with other parents through our secure platform and find carpool partners.


You are not visiting an event alone! has been created to get in touch with other visitors in order to share the ride.


Find someone to travel through Europe with via our website or Europstop app.


Ease the sharing of wheelchair accessible cars between those who own one and those who need one.


For those who prefer going on holiday knowing that their house, pets and plants are in good hands. Or for those who rather enjoy an almost-free-vacation by looking after someones home.

Home exchange

Exchange houses with another family and enjoy an exceptional vacation.

Last-minute ferries

Do you fancy a trip beyond the Canal at reduced price? Up to two weeks before departure, you can buy a ticket to/from the United Kingdom at very competitive rates

The Dream Calculator

Quickly calculate how much you can save by sharing your car on your trip to work.